DANTE aims to significantly facilitate counter terrorism analysts in investigation processes, by providing an automated data mining and analytics functionalities, capable to detect, retrieve, collect and analyse data of suspicious terrorist raising fund, propaganda and training activities within the surface, the dark and the deep web. This approach on one side will increase the number and the rapidity of successfully identifying terrorist activities and on the other side will lower the cost of investigations.

DANTE will provide new tools, techniques, processes and algorithms to support counter terrorism investigators and analysts in their daily work also considering the Legal, Ethical and Privacy issues. Moreover DANTE framework will respect privacy and ethical issues by design with consequent increase of the public acceptance of next generation security system.

The increased effectiveness of DANTE will have a positive impact not only on the actual level of security but also on how security is socially perceived resulting in a improved daily quality of life especially in the social environment. Indeed, the final goal of DANTE is to concretely provide counter terrorism analysts with means to fight against terrorisms activities and contribute to a safer civil society.

The project will develop innovative functionalities integrated into an open source environment and it will support the management of diverse data sources and data types and multi-lingual, in order to be able to detect and analyse data in diverse languages and coming from diverse sources (videos, text messages, audios, etc).

Furthermore, DANTE will leverage and rely on open source and standards, maximising social and economic return.