In this page the list of events attended by DATE partners is reported:

It was organised on 9 June 2017 in Turin (Italy), involving 25 participants between LEAs, INTERPOL and forensic experts, including representatives of the project partners.
The workshop was organised after a 10-months period of criminological research activities dealing with the three-main use-cases of interest for the DANTE Project, namely: online terrorist financing, training, propaganda and recruitment. Accordingly, the aim was to:

  • Share and collect further details and comments about the case-studies analysed;
  • Validate the results achieved and the hypothesis formulated;
  • Verify the availability of recent data related to expulsions due to terrorism;
  • Collect feedback and inputs.

The workshop started with the presentation of the DANTE Project, the researchers then introduced the main results achieved through the case-studies analysis and the criminological analysis, and finally a round table involving all the participants was held.
An interesting result of the workshop was represented by the positive feedback collected from the LEAs, since there is a lack of operational knowledge and they need these kind of contribution.

Itwas organised on 20 December 2017 in Palermo (Italy), involving 13 participants between researchers involved in the criminological analysis, representatives of the end-users involved in the project, and of some of the technical partners contributing also to the analysis of terrorism trends. Furthermore, an independent expert was invited so to collect inputs and feedbacks about the approach, the methodology and the activities to be planned.
The workshop focused on the most relevant issues to be addressed to support the organisation of training activities in the field of counter-terrorism addressed to LEAs and key relevant stakeholders.
Basing on the results of a survey implemented by the project to assess their specific interests, needs and requirements, the workshop organised a round-table that allowed the partners and the expert to brainstorm about the existing trainings offered by public and private organisations, the specific needs of the LEAs to be addressed by the Project, and the ad-hoc training programs addressing the three main areas of interest for the DANTE project, namely: terrorist online financing, propaganda and training.
From this standpoint, a key role should be played by the platform and tools that the DANTE project is developing.
Specifically, the workshop aimed:

  • to present the DANTE project and the first prototype of the platform;
  • to present the counter-terrorism courses/trainings currently available;
  • to share the results of the survey and the interviews with the LEAs;
  • to introduce a preliminary training proposal to be implemented by the DANTE project;
  • to collect feedbacks and inputs f<small>rom the experts to finalise the DANTE guidelines.

The results were of particular interest because the workshop contributed to:

  • Further assess the possible potential relevant role of the DANTE platform also in the light of users empowerment and training;
  • Discuss the specific expectations and needs of the LEAs, also in the light of the existing training options already available at EU level;
  • Define the organizational model to deliver the trainings;
  • Collect specific inputs on how to organize advanced curricula for LEAs as well as practitioners, prosecutors, judges and also public authorities involved in the prevention and fight against terrorism.

The Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Privacy Impact Assessment, 25 July 2017, London, UK, where lessons from the DANTE project were presented to the audience.

An internal dissemination workshop has been organized by the DANTE end user partner PJ to attract stakeholders and other national, European and international LEAs, such as INTERPOL, Europol and other Police forces, work groups in the security, defense and justice area.

On the 5th of December 2017, DANTE, as member of the Community of Users, participated in the Workshop on Radicalisation organised by the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) of the EU Commission. The event took place at the BAO Congress Centre in Bruxelles. DANTE was invited for sharing the experience gained during the first stage of the project in the context of counter radicalisation. Among other aspects, the round table also dealt with initiatives of mutual collaboration for datasets preparation and for the finalisation of the analysis.

On the 6th of December 2017, DANTE took part of the Cybercrime Workshop. Methodological and Technological approach adopted for the three selected use cases (Fund Raising, Propaganda e Training) were presented. Details about the event are reported at this link.

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